While Disney does not have casinos on it's ships they do have plenty of exciting BINGO games to play with the whole family! Generally BINGO is in the afternoons in one of the theaters or lounges. You may not know this but Bingo has gotten pretty sophisticated in the last few years. Now the electronic bingo cards are all the rage. No more Bingo markers on Disney ships! Never fear, they do have paper cards if you'd prefer that method! There are quite a few packages of Bingo cards to chose in a wide range of prices. Disney also offers several opportunities to get free cards during the week. Some of the Bingo games offer free prizes (Spa services anyone?) and all have cash prizes. The Bingo jackpot culminates all week and ends with a big Jackpot Bingo game on the last afternoon of your cruise. Bingo is run by the cruise staff and they are always an entertaining bunch!

Be sure to check your Daily Navigator for information about the daily Bingo games they are a ton of fun for the whole family!

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