The BEST Disney Cruise Souvenir

How would you like to return from dinner on the last night of your cruise and find something like this sitting on your bed:

With a little advance planning and some help from Guest Services you can make it happen!

Before our cruise I was cruising Etsy and found some great work from a vendor called Stitches N' Bows.  You can find a link to her Facebook page here.  She has a ton of Disney inspired pillowcases, fish extenders, clothing, and other fun stuff.  After looking through some photos of her work, I knew exactly what I wanted.  I contacted her via Etsy with what I was looking for and it arrived in the mail a few weeks later just as I described.

I discretely packed the pillowcases in our luggage and we headed off for Port Canaveral.  While my kids were enjoying some Super Sloppy Science in the kids club, I grabbed my pillowcases and popped over to guest services.  I asked if they could arrange for the characters to sign the pillowcases for me.  They asked if I wanted "Princesses" or the "Classic Characters".  I asked if they could do "all available characters."  I left the cases along with a sharpie in a gallon size Ziploc bag that I bought from home.  They promised that the signed cases would be returned on our last night.

When we returned from dinner our last night, my girls were THRILLED to find the treasure that was waiting for them.  It was the icing on the most fantastic cake!

So for your next cruise, consider bringing a photo mat, t-shirt, pillowcase, hat or some other special item for the characters to sign. Other than the cost of the item, the service is free, fun, and a spectacular keepsake of your Disney Cruise!  

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