No Kids Allowed

My husband and I went on a Disney cruise this past September. We left our 4 kids at home. Yep..we, 2 adults, went on a Disney cruise without kids. By choice! When we told people what we were doing we got a lot of funny looks. Like people couldn't believe we were going on a Disney cruise WITHOUT kids. We absolutely loved it and in fact, booked another adult only cruise for this year!

Let's see if I can answer some common mis-understandings about traveling on a Disney cruise without kids:

Weren't there kids every where? I'm sure there was but honestly, we didn't notice. We sat at a dinner table with 6 other adults - 2 other couples and a pair of sisters that were traveling together. When we wanted to go to the pool we went to the adult only pool..where no kids are allowed. When we wanted to hang out after the shows we went to the adult only lounges. Again..there is strict monitoring to ensure that no kids are in those adult-only areas. At Castaway Cay - same thing..adult only beach! And the spa - heaven! And again..no kids allowed at the spa!

Isn't everything for kids on a Disney Cruise? Absolutely not! There is TONS of adult only entertainment. The ships have a fabulous cruise staff who puts on great programming for adults. From games at the pool to lively parties in the late evening there is always something going on.

What about those characters everywhere? While there are tons of opportunities to see Disney characters onboard we didn't seek out any characters so this wasn't a big deal to us. We occasionally would walk by a character meet & greet but we never stopped to say hi.

If you and your sweetie or girlfriends want to take an adult only trip I highly recommend a Disney cruise. It can be a very relaxing, peaceful and fun way to vacation! The service is unparalleled, the food amazing and the entertainment is fabulous!

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