Disney Cruise Rotational Dining

One of the unique things about Disney cruising is the Rotational Dining they use on the ships. Upon checking in each family is assigned a dining time (Main or Second Seating), a table number and a dining rotation. Your Key to the World Card will list a series of codes that tell you what dining room you are assigned to eat in on which night. This information will also be located on tickets waiting for you inside your stateroom. There are 3 main dining rooms on the ships and you will have the opportunity to eat in each dining room at least 1 time during your cruise. The unique thing is that your servers will rotate with you! You will meet your serving team at dinner on your first night. They will quickly learn about your family and will happily meet you in each dining room during your cruise. They will also make sure you know which dining room to go to the next evening and they will serve you breakfast on debarkation day.

Each dining room is very different both in the menu and decor. The rotational dining is a great opportunity to see different dining rooms and experience different menu options. It's wonderful to have the serving team follow you from dining room to dining room as well. They really take the effort to learn what your family likes and dislikes. You'll go home and really miss having that drink waiting for you at the table when you arrive for your dining time and having the "crumb comb" cleaning up after you each evening!

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