Virtual Portholes

I'll admit it - inside staterooms used to sort of scare me. I mean all that dark and no window? I was just never convinced I could stay in a room without a window for several nights while on a cruise. Well, leave it to Disney to come up with a virtual porthole so an inside room becomes not only affordable but also desirable!

Virtual portholes are new to the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy. My husband and I stayed in a virtual porthole room on our 4 night cruise on the Disney Dream in Sept. We picked it because it was the most affordable room and because I was curious about this Virtual Porthole.

So what is it? Basically it's a LED TV screen right over the bed. The screen shows you real -time what is going on outside the ship. If your screen faces aft you see what's going on at the back of the ship and if it faces forward you see what's going on in front of the ship. This is Disney after all so every now and again a familiar Disney scene might pass through your screen. We saw Rapunzel's lanterns and Jasmine & Aladdin fly across our screen. The best part about this was you can turn it off whenever you want. When we went to bed we turned it off our room was pretty dark. In the morning, we'd turn it on when we woke up so we could see the daylight.

I love the concept. It definitely makes an inside room not scary at all. In fact, I'd chose it again and again!

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