We're leavin' on a cruise ship....

Don't know if we'll be back again!

Of course we'll be back, full of information and pictures to share, but for now, we're focused on going! We are so excited to have the chance to do a preview cruise on the Fantasy, and we want to be prepared. As we were packing and making preparations, we thought it would be fun to share some of our tips and tricks for getting ready for a Disney cruise! Although we could go on and on with tons of info on this topic, we'll keep it to the very important basics...for now! Although you can apply these packing tips to most of the cruise itineraries Disney has to offer, these are great tips especially for the 3, 4 and 5 night Bahamian itineraries. Obviously if you go to Alaska, you might pack a little differently, as you would for a 7-8 night cruise as well.

1. Clothes. Don't forget these. They are very important. When choosing what to wear on your cruise, think cool and comfortable. On deck, casual is great. For the dining room, Disney requests that guests do not wear shorts or swimsuits. No sleeveless shirts here guys. Jeans are fine unless it is "Dress-Up Night" in which case many men like to wear jackets and women kick it up a notch with dressier outfits as well. If you are dining at Remy, jackets are required for men and women should wear dresses or pantsuits. Also, do not forget your pirate attire if you want to get dressed up for "Pirate Night." Do not forget your underwear, swimsuits, cover ups, a waterproof jacket just in case in gets cooler in the night and/or rains, and any workout clothes you might want. Hats and visors come in mighty handy on these sunny vacations too!

***Attention Ladies: Although those short flowing skirts/sundresses can be totally super cute, unless you have on totally super cute underwear that you want everyone to see, you might want to avoid them. One gust of wind on deck, and you'll be pulling a Marilyn Monroe, which I don't recommend, unless of course, you actually LOOK like Marilyn Monroe. Personally, I will be sticking to the capri pants and non-flowing sundresses. ***

2. Toiletries. You know what you need here. Disney does provide H2O Plus Spa products, including shampoo, conditioner, lotion and facial soap in your stateroom. But some extras to think about might be anti-nausea aids and pain relievers...not to mention any other prescription or otc medicines you might need for the trip. I'll add sunblock here too-bring tons.

3. Electronic-type items. Cameras. Extra batteries and memory cards. Ipods, tablets, cell phones, laptops, chargers, etc. (There is an extra charge on board for internet connection, and you may want to check with your cell phone company before opting to use your phone at sea). You also might want to bring a sound machine if you need white noise to help you sleep. There is an Ipod docking station in the stateroom, but for you fellow Android users, you might want to throw in an auxiliary cable (or your own player).

4. Carry-On bag. This is very important, because once you board the ship, it may be a few hours before you see your luggage. It is a good idea to carry a swimsuit and a change of clothes that would be suitable for dinner, as well as your camera (there will be plenty of great photo ops before/as soon as you board, and you don't want to miss them). Carry on any medications you may need as well as some sunblock, sunglasses, and a hat. Snacks, water bottles, juice boxes, etc. are also a good idea. And although Disney does a great job of entertaining guests in the port while they're waiting to board, a little something to entertain the kiddos might not be a bad idea just in case. Your carry-on luggage is also where you will need to place any alcohol you want to bring on the ship. Disney allows you to bring your own (awesome money saver and perk for adults), but it has to be in your carry-on. All of your paperwork and documentation (listed below) must be with you as well.

5. Paperwork/Documentation: You will need your cruise documentation including your cruise confirmation number as well as your government issued ID. Although a passport is not required to board the ship (you can use your license and birth certificate instead), we always recommend that our clients have passports in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Well, that about covers the important basics (plus a little more). We have many many more tips and tricks to help make your cruise a great one, and if we shared them all here, we'd be out of blog material. Don't forget that in order to celebrate the inaugural sailing of the Disney Fantasy, we are doing our first Sail Disney giveaway! Click here to visit the giveaway blog and enter!

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