"Duck in, Fly out" on the AquaDuck

Are you thinking about a Disney cruise, but afraid you'll miss the thrill of the rides? Who says the rides are only at Disney World? If you're cruising on the Disney Dream or Fantasy and you're more than 42" tall (54" to ride solo), you too can enjoy the thrilling twists and turns of the first water coaster at sea: Disney's AquaDuck. This one of a kind "water coaster" not only sends riders plummeting down, but shooting back up (hence the term water coaster and not water slide). Riders also go flying through one of the ships' funnels and even teetering out oven the open sea and back. The ride is 765 feet long, and it provides some awesome views of the ocean and your ship's pools and decks.

Of course, all fun things usually come with a few warnings. Since people of all different ages and stages enjoy the AquaDuck (that's right Grandma, there's no sitting this one out), there's a possibility of some long lines, so try to ride during some of the less crowded times. During dinner hours the lines are shorter, as well as while the ship is in port. Also, you will get WET. I'm not talking about a damp rear end...I mean soaking wet. Don't even think you're going to hop off this ride and head into the dining room for dinner. If the weather is bad or it is too windy, the AquaDuck may be closed.

So even if you share one of my personal favorite cruising activities: no activity at all, the AquaDuck is not to be missed. Go ahead and ride a few won't even have to carry your tube back to the top. It's definitely worth abandoning that poolside lounge chair...for awhile anyway.

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