Castaway Cay Part I

Note: This is the first in series of posts about Castaway Cay

If you are lucky enought to be on a Disney sailing that goes to Castaway Cay you are in for a real treat! Castaway Cay is Disney' private island in the Bahamas. It's a true bit of paradise! First, the island is absolutely beautiful and Disney has taken great pride in making it a wonderful destination for most of the sailings to the Caribbean and Bahamas. There is certainly something for everyone at Castaway. You can make your day there as active and/or relaxing as you'd like it to be. We'll be exploring the different aspects of Castaway Cay through a series of posts - there's just too much information for a single entry! In this post we'll give you an overview of the island.

You will port at Castaway Cay fairly early on your morning there. Upon exiting the ship there will be cast members handing out beach towels and directing your towards the tram and beach areas. Just off the boat is the Castaway Cay Post Office. This is a Bahamian post office and run by locals. The locals are on Bahamian time so they post office may or may not be open!

There are 2 main beach areas - the Family beach area and Serenity Bay. Serenity Bay is an area for adults only. The family beach areas are large and there are plenty of chairs, umbrellas and hammocks for guests. There is plenty of space to swim and snorkel. The family beach is also home to Pelican Plunge, a water slide out in the sea! There is also a designated beach area for some water sports like paddle boating, water trikes and kayaks.

If you feel like doing some shopping on Castaway Cay there are a couple of shops. She Sells Sea Shells and Everything Else and Buy the Seashore are two of Disney's shops on the island. There is also a small Bahamian Retail shop that sells Bahamian Arts & Crafts.

Want to get out of the sun for a bit? You can head over to In-Da-Shade for basketball, billiards, ping-pong and other games! Want to play some sports? Volleyball, tetherball and soccer are available. You can also rent bikes (yes..the kids too) and take a ride around the island. Let's not forget Spring-a-Leak - a wet play area that's off the beach!

The kids clubs relocate to the island while the ships at port at Cataway Cay. Kids ages 3 -10 will find some very fun activities at Scuttle's Cove. Teens have their own area at Hideout.

And last, but not least the food! There are a few locations serving lunch on the beach: Cookies BBQ and Cookies Too BBQ are located close to the family beach area. There are also a few locations to enjoy some frozen drinks and cocktails near both the family beach and Serenity Bay.

In our next post about Castaway Cay we'll explore all the things to do during you stay on the island!

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