Let's Go to the Movies

You may have noticed that Disney is pretty big into the movie business. And because of this they are able to show first run movies on a big screen on the cruise ships. You can bet whatever Disney films are playing in the theaters while you are on your cruise will be shown on the ship as well! If you are lucky enough to be sailing when a movie premiers then it will premiere while you are at sea too!

Movies are all around the Disney ships as a matter of fact. In your stateroom there are a number of movie channels playing Disney favorites all the time. Up on deck 11 there is Funnelvision which plays family friendly Disney movies all day long in front of the pool. Your little sailors can swim in the pool while watching their favorite Disney movies!

If you'd prefer to watch movies on the big screen in an air-conditioned theater then you are in luck. There is a theater that shows the first run movies pretty much all day long. When my family sailed in September of 2011 Cars 2, The Help and Fright Night were playing, just to name a few. Generally the films shown during the day are family friendly with G and PG ratings while the movies shown later in the evening might be PG-13 or R.

There is certainly a movie for everyone aboard your Disney cruise!

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