What do I Wear to Dinner?

We get this question a lot - what is the proper attire for a Disney cruise, specifically what do I wear to dinner? According to Disney Cruise information the proper attire schedule includes: Cruise Casual, Pirate or Tropical Attire, One Formal Night, One Semi-formal night. So what does that mean?

Cruise Casual - this is how most people dress each night of the cruise. Disney requests no shorts, swimwear or tank tops in the dining rooms in the evening. For my family this meant my girls wore dresses or skirts, my husband and son - polo style shirt and khaki's and myself a skirt, dress or nice capri pants.

Pirate/Tropical - One night of your cruise will be Pirate Night. It's usually the day you are at Castaway Cay. It's such a fun evening! All the dining rooms have a special menu (all the same) for Pirate Night. Cruisers are encouraged to dress in their best pirate attire (eye patch anyone?) or tropical attire. This evening shorts are allowed in the dining room. You see everything on this night from people if full on Jack Sparrow costumes to those folks in a Pirate Mickey t-shirt. If you opt out of dressing up then Cruise Casual is requested. On the Disney Fantasy cruisers will have an option to get Pirate-ready at the Bippity Boppity Boutique! We didn't dress up our first cruise but this next time I am determined to pirate us up!

Dress Up Night/Formal Night/Semi-Formal Night - Depending on the length of your cruise you will have one Dress Up Night and the 7 night cruises will have a Formal and Semi-formal night as well. On the Dress Up evenings the suggested attire is jackets for men, dresses or pantsuit for ladies. And on the 7 night cruises the Formal Night suggested attire is a tuxedo or suit for men and dress or gown for women. The Semi-Formal night would be the same as Dress Up Night. You see everything on this night - from ladies dressed up in their finest princess attire complete with tiara's to sundresses. They do have photographers set up in the lobby to take formal pictures on these nights. And Mickey and Minnie will make an appearance in their finest! It's a great opportunity to get a good family picture! On the Disney Fantasy the Bippity Boppity Boutique will be open to help everyone get princess -ready!

Palo/Remy - The adult only dining rooms have a dress code too. At Palo men need pants and a dress shirt or jacket and women dress or pantsuit. No jeans, shorts, capri's, flip flops or tennis shoes. At Remy the attire for me is a tuxedo or jacket is required, tie is optional. Women are asked to wear a cocktail dress, pantsuit or skirt/blouse. No jeans, shorts, capri's, flip flops or tennis shoes please.

I would advise you ladies to bring a sweater for the dining rooms. I am not too cold-natured but I froze in the dining rooms!

Also, be mindful of windy conditions on wouldn't want to wear that full skirt and head out to the deck on windy evening!

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